Operating policies

Collaborations and third party funding

CreditUtility may collaborate with academic institutions, non-affiliated think tanks and, in certain cases, commercial companies. CreditUtility also accepts grant funding and will engage in paid-for services, provided that these do not conflict with its non-aligned principles. All such agreements and any third party funding will be screened for conflicts of interest, as noted in this website’s Organisation section. They will also be disclosed on CreditUtility’s website and acknowledged in CreditUtility’s work.


There are no formal collaboration agreements or potential conflicts of interest to disclose.

Website content, confidentiality and use

CreditUtility’s website is offered as a public service. Differing views and arguments are welcome and their publication does not represent endorsement by CreditUtility. As part of this public service, CreditUtility will moderate the website’s content to maintain discussion continuity and focus. In keeping with our independence objectives, submitted content may be withheld pending clarification of who is making the submission and their affiliations. Similarly, submissions may be modified to make the submitter’s affiliations explicit or to ensure continuity and focus.

All contributors are also expected to

  • use CreditUtility to develop constructive market monitoring processes and systemic risk management policy proposals
  • focus upon issues related to collateralised credit risk transfer, systemic risk management and enhancing banking sector flexibility
  • identify themselves and any relevant affiliations clearly and provide basic contact details so that affiliations and similar questions may be clarified
  • respect each contributor’s point of view and property rights

All contributions to CreditUtility’s website remain the contributor’s property and all rights remain reserved.

Materials published by CreditUtility on its website will be kept as long as this website is operational. We stand behind our record and, aside from correcting obvious typographical or formatting errors, we do not retroactively modify what we have published. And while we believe our arguments will stand the test of time, we are prepared to modify our recommendations as new information and insights emerge.  In this case, both the original and updated recommendations will appear on the website.

CreditUtility does not use “cookies”1 in the sense that we have not developed coding or mechanisms to capture and use data collected by cookies, nor do we intend to. We believe, however, that our software platform, WordPress, may use cookies for generic purposes (e.g. to track the number of visitors to this site). As such, by using this site you are consenting to the use of “cookies”. If this presents any concerns, please note that this site continues to work once cookies have been disabled in your browser. We are also happy to make alternative arrangements should any of this raise concerns.

All contributor provided contact data will be treated as confidential and will only be used to facilitate contact between CreditUtility and the contributor.


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[1] For further information about “cookies” please see http://www.allaboutcookies.org/